Jeff - Milena Dopitová

  • Installation

The moving object, created by Milena Dopitová especially for this place, resembles a pump designed for oil extraction, which dazzles and attracts admiration with its light and sound performance. Jeff’s object installation reflects on issues related to our population and the way humans affect the environment around them. He wants to draw attention to the priorities and values we believe in today and every day, as well as to motivate thrift leading to a healthy and happy existence. In doing so, the multifunctional kinetic object makes use of both physical properties and the latest technologies in programming, lighting or audio installation. This unique symbolic work by one of the most important contemporary Czech artists will add an industrial touch to the space.

About artist

Milena Dopitová is a conceptual artist with a social focus who, among other things, actively reflects on the position of women in contemporary society and art. In her work she intuitively applies methods of sociological research and in specific projects she focuses on phenomena such as adolescence, aging, death and violence. She was the only female artist to participate in the activities of the group Pondělí, founded in 1989. Since 2015, she has been the head of the Studio of Intermedia 1 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

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