Mehr Licht - Signal Creative

  • Prague, 2020


“Mehr Licht” or “More Light”. That is supposed to be the last words by Johann Wolfgang Goethe. We have prepared another neon installation for Goethe-Institut Prague. The typography of this work, which bears the last words of J. W. Goethe, is inspired by the facade and elements of the Art Nouveau building itself. The object is extra complemented by gobo projection. The temporary neon installation on the Art Nouveau building of the Gothe-Institut in Prague was introduced at a time of heavy coronavirus measures and symbolized a better tomorrow.

About artist

The concept of this work was created by the duo Marek Šilpoch & Matěj Vlašánek. Marek Šilpoch is a visual artist, a graduate of graphic design and visual communication, glass studio at the Academy of Arts and Crafts. In his work, he mainly uses the principle of recycling various lighting elements, especially lamps, light boxes, fluorescent lamps or neons, and thanks to his familiarity with glass techniques, he also incorporates glass into his works. You may know him as a member of the musical group XYZ.

The typography of this work is by Matěj Moravec, a graphic designer with experience in illustration and game design. This artist, living and working in Switzerland, focuses on cultural and commercial work. His work focuses on motion typography.

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