Signal AR - Augmented reality

  • Installation

In Prague's Karlín, we presented 6 audiovisual installations hidden in augmented reality as part of the Signal Festival 2021. Part of this permanent project, called Signal AR, was also the creation of a mobile application, thanks to which the audience could immerse themselves in the discovery of unique art after reading the QR code. We have been working on Signal AR since the beginning of the global pandemic. We spent 9 months working on it with Brainz studios, bicepsdigital and artists. We managed to bring new art, new formats to Prague and revive the public space of our metropolis.

Horizon Forbidden West – BRAINZ IMMERSIVE

We created an augmented reality installation for Sony as part of Signal AR to accompany the launch of one of the most anticipated games of the year – Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to 2017’s hugely successful Horizon Zero Dawn. Through this installation, viewers were able to peer into the beautiful yet dangerous wasteland of Forbidden West with protagonist Aloy, where a mysterious threat lurks.

FIGURA VARIUS – Jan Hladil & Michal Šupák

For music lovers, we have prepared an audiovisual work by artist Jan Hladil and composer Michal Šupák. A great spectacle awaited them at the Kooperativa headquarters building in the form of an audio reactive spatial abstract and geometric composition, which dramaturgically follows the dynamics of the musical background.

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