Mercedes-Benz interactive countdown 2021 - 3dsense

  • Interactive projection

    Prague, 2021

Every year, we create original interactive countdowns for Mercedes-Benz between the video mappings at the Signal Festival. Through the mobile app, viewers had the opportunity to light up the Karlin church with their fingers and make the wait between screenings more enjoyable. In 2021, we introduced a concept that focused on the very current topic of sustainability. Its main idea was a future running on electricity. All you had to do was choose a colour via a mobile app, determine the direction and speed of the discharge and follow its movement across the facade.

About artist

3dsense is a creative studio comprising artists and programmers that make use of combining high-end technological procedures and artistic elements to create unique interactive performances. Its artwork includes light design, large scale projections, video mapping shows, museum exhibits, scenography, or VR&AR applications.

3dsense regularly takes part in international light festivals. Among already implemented projects we can mention an eerie installation The Colour Out of Space exhibited at Lux Helsinki or a large scale installation IRIS presented at White Night in Melbourne and Ballarat. Besides the aforesaid, they recently realized interactive video mapping on Prague State Opera, a large scale light show on the occasion of November 17 in the Národní street or the Kings of the Sun exhibition in the National Museum.

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