International Day of Light - Signal Creative & ELI Beamlines

  • Installation

    Prague 2022

Also in 2022, we celebrated the International Day of Light together with the laser technology research centre ELI Beamlines. A symbolic monumental installation crossed both ends of the Charles Bridge with a laser beam. It was here that Signal Festival lit up one of its first art installations in 2013. The project is a tribute to science, which is constantly improving life on our planet.

The laser beams that connected the Old Town and the Malá Strana commemorated the 62 years that have passed since 16 May 1960, when the American physicist and engineer Theodore Maiman successfully launched the world’s first laser. In this short time, lasers have found applications in all areas of human activity. Applications of the invention are mainly used in medicine and in the material and surface processing industry, 3D printing, electronics or high-speed internet transmission using optical fibres. However, it is increasingly possible to encounter lasers in art. In 2017, May 16th was designated by UNESCO as the International Day of Light, and since the following year, the event has been celebrated across continents.

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