HYUNDAI – Signal Creative & Monument Office

  • Installations

    Prague, 2022

The Czech representation of the carmaker Hyundai has presented its hottest new car in 2022, the electric IONIQ 6. The anticipated model was presented as part of its unique light installation in front of the Gabriel Loci complex. The IONIQ 6 dominated the courtyard area of the Gabriel Loci complex in Prague's Smíchov district, where visitors could view it from unusual angles and its installation effectively linked the South Korean brand's external and internal displays. The design and implementation of the installation was taken care of by our studio Signal Creative, which invited the MONUMENT OFFICE studio of designer Václav Mlynář to collaborate.

We wanted to present the Hyundai brand as a leader in innovation, technology and design. We were delighted to receive a completely free hand and trust from the client to create a unique work without strict boundaries, which is not usual for such large companies. The installation embodies the pure energy, comfort and elegance as well as the speed and dynamism of the IONIQ 6.

In the inner part of the Hyundai stand at Designblok, visitors could literally look inside the electric car and get a closer look at the battery, electric motor and other components that are usually hidden from the eyes of customers.

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