Videomapping for Emirates

  • Prague, 2019


As part of Signal Festival 2019, we have prepared a video mapping on the theme of Revolution in cooperation with Emirates. Various meanings can be attributed to revolution. The society has been taking a strong stance and is at the very origin of a big change. New and better preconditions for a nation have been formed. These assumptions make the basis for some of the essential shapes of Ottantonove videomapping, Italian name translated into Czech language as 89. The Illo studio let the visitor walk through several different periods of the Czech history including discernible and emotional moments linked with the Velvet Revolution. The videomapping covers four fundamental eras. It begins with a dictatorial Regime against which it is always crucial to protest under whatever circumstances, it goes on with the Revolution carried out by people themselves, and the Evolution embracing the promise of a better life. The last stage is obvious: Future made by bright colours. Not to forget, to learn a lesson. Knowing what happened in the past and understand what is going on today since this seems to be the key to create a better future.


Client: Emirates

Production: Signal Creative

Visuals: ILLO (Italy)

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