The Wall - Oficina

  • Installation

The Wall, this installation gives the participants the opportunity to express their creative feelings and ideas. The 9×4 meter long projection becomes a canvas. You can participate in the final form of this temporary canvas by using light bulbs to trace shapes and various abstract images. A playful interactive installation that will entertain even the youngest visitors. Who wouldn't want to get creative for a while and create a collective work of art?

About artist

Creative studio Oficina belongs to the pioneers of Czech motion design. It skilfully moves on the border of graphic design, animation, digital video, but also complex interactive installations. This studio is also the organizer of the recognized motion design festival Mouvo, which this year for the fourth time in Prague introduced the world top of its field. Lately, the studio is engaged in interactive design, which you can know for example from exhibitions in the unique space of Prague CAMP. Oficina has also been the author of the Signal Festival’s visual identity for several years now which this year newly intertwines also with this installation.

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