Resonator - Jan Hladil

  • Installation

Resonator combines elements of technology with a philosophical subtext, all derived from scientific understanding. As expressed by its title, it consists of a model of a resonator – that is, a fundamental component of the mechanism of a laser module.

And yet the artist doesn’t stop at the technical aspects of this device but also presents the resonator as a metaphor for human existence. In his view, each human being figuratively functions as a sort of sociocultural resonator. During our lives, we perceive all possible external influences of society in the same manner as this device. In response to feedback and reactions within us, we give forth our own “memetic light,” reacting most frequently in the form of spoken expression.

Resonator is an installation suitable for indoor use. It is a spectacular dynamic laser work that can be adapted to any size.

Resonator at the launch party in Martinicky Palace

Foto: Dušan Vondra

About artist

Czech visual artist Jan Hladil studied graphic design and then supermedia at Prague’s VŠUP. During his studies, he worked intensively on mastering the entire process of video creation in all its forms. He works as a VJ and does video installation and content creation for the audiovisual label Lunchmeat. In addition, he collaborates, for example, with Laterna magika on the New Stage of the National Theatre. In his free work, he focuses on the interpretation of social, cultural and physical processes, which he translates into an artistic way of knowing through specific visual representations. He has presented his audiovisual works at the National Gallery, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague City Gallery, Chemistry Gallery and Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery.


• width: 2.6 m
• depth: 2.6 m
• height: 3 m
• installation: 2 days
• power consumption: 1x16A
• sound: 4 channel
• light: projectors inside the installation

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