Reflexion - Adam Cigler & Petr Vacek

  • Installation

The Reflexion consists of a wall of moving mirrors that reflect and transform the surrounding world. The viewer steps onto the illuminated stage and becomes part of the artwork. In fact, the mirrors appropriate his reflection and gradually transform it, fragment it and put it into unexpected contexts together with the other spectators and the surroundings. The movements of the mirrors are not random. They are controlled by a unique animation designed by the artists for the specific theme of the event and the space in which the work is exhibited. The scenario also includes artist-designed ambient lighting and a soundtrack created in collaboration with other artists for the specific occasion. The sound and lights are synchronized with the movements of the mirrors, creating a unique site-specific audiovisual experience.

One of our most photogenic installations that hypnotizes crowds with its magical play of movements, reflections and light. Everyone present becomes a fragment of a work that is not only visually impressive but also leads to deeper reflection.

After its premiere at the Signal Festival, this work has been presented at a number of prestigious art shows in Europe It also became part of an audiovisual art experiment at the Archa Theatre.

Reflexion at Constellations de Metz festival

Photo: Ray Baseley

Reflexion as a part of the audio-visual experiment Vectroscope

About artist

Petr Vacek and Adam Cigler are Czech architects who synergize a creative artistic approach with programming, robotics, digital fabrication and traditional craftsmanship. Their collaboration arose during their studies at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Liberec and, thanks to a common fondness for advanced technology, science, space or philosophy, crystallized into an aesthetically appealing freeform creative experiment.

Co-producers are PrusaLab and Signal Creative


• width: 5 m
• depth: 4 m
• height: 4.2 m (we require spaces at least 4.5 m high)
• installation: 2 days
• power consumption: 1x32A
• sound: yes
• lights: according to tech. rider

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