QUADD – Jan Hladil

  • Installation

Archsymmetry. Supercomposition. Reflection. Hyperreality. 4 dimensions. 4 elements. 4 seasons. 4 water states. 4 cardinal points. 4 cherubs. 4 noble truths of Buddha. 4 is the number of the cosmic order. QUADD’s audio-visual installation interprets this symbolism and transforms it into a cosmic experience through the specific aesthetics of laser imaging and semi-transparent mirrors. Seemingly unrelated matter is connected by the intensity of laser beams. The QUADD project builds on the work Resonator, which Jan Hladil presented at the Signal Festival in 2016.

About artist

Czech visual artist Jan Hladil studied graphic design and then supermedia at Prague’s VŠUP. During his studies he worked intensively on mastering the entire process of video creation in all its forms. He works as a VJ and does video installation and content creation for the audiovisual label Lunchmeat. In addition, he collaborates, for example, with Laterna magika on the New Stage of the National Theatre. In his free work he focuses on the interpretation of social, cultural and physical processes, which he translates into an artistic way of knowing through specific visual representations. He has presented his audiovisual works at the National Gallery, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague City Gallery, Chemistry Gallery and Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery.

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