Puddles – Václav Mlynář & MONUMENT Office

  • Installation

Life is said to have originated in the puddle. The monumental installation Puddle works generously with basic elements such as light, water, movement, sound, and space. However, its monumentality lies not in its size, as it might seem at first glance, but rather in the pure energy of free fall, that is, in a single droplet that carries in its flight hundreds of information pieces about the many different qualities that make up our environment, our ecosystem.

Gravity holds our world together. Water is the basic life source; the vertical represents the direction of the earth’s axis, and the shadow represents the lack of light. The ordinariness of a puddle is only apparent: every drop contains the code of the universe, its composition is not random, and its velocity is measurable. And yet it can be perceived as just that – a simple drop of water.

Václav Mlynář and his team’s precise design approach meets the artistic, inefficient, and purposeless. Although he uses sophisticated materials, technologically complex solutions, and an elaborate control system, he also offers the pure joy of simplicity – the very thing that can be observed in every small puddle.

The whole visual experience is complemented by an original music track by Polina Khatsenko, who picks up the sounds of the water drops through hydrophones, deepening the whole experience.

About artist

Václav Mlynář is a designer, Creative Director and studio owner based in Prague. He has international experience from studying and working in the Czech Republic, US, Denmark and London. He obtained his master degrees in Product Design at the Royal College of Art in London and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. In years 2011–2020 Václav was running, with Jakub Pollág, award-winning product design studio deFORM. In 2020 Václav focused on running his own product studios VM and his second spatial/interior architecture studio MONUMENT Office. Since 2017 he has been the creative director of Bomma glassworks. Since 2019 he has been teaching Product Design at NC State University in Prague. For the second year already, in cooperation with Signal Creative, he has been involved in the creation of installations for the Prague Designblok, which presents new Hyundai cars in an interesting way.

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