PHOTOSYSTEM II – Ondřej Zunka & Zünc Studio

  • Installation

Without light there is no life. Light is essential for plants to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen, in the process we know as photosynthesis. Without it, there would be no world around us: photosynthesis is the foundation that has allowed Earth to evolve into the biodiverse, oxygen-rich, green planet we know today. Viewing plants as fascinating, sophisticated systems can help us understand how they adapt and live in harmonious symbiosis with others.

The PHOTOSYSTEM II installation consists of a series of large-scale projections that represent the phenomenon of photosynthesis through different interpretive lenses. It features an immersive fly-through projection of the eternally flourishing evolution of biodiversity, alongside manmade objects constructed with living organisms. An interactive work, which responds to the movement of visitors, grows tendrils and releases oxygen. Plants are presented as alluringly complex systems of adaptation, and as integral components of biodesign. A glimpse into the intricacies of photosynthesis can be surprising: we can learn, be inspired and discover novel ways to solve today’s pressing problems.

The installation was co-authored by Lukáš Dřevjaný who is responsible for the production and programming of the interactive projection.

The installation is be presented alongside the exhibition INVISIBLE FORCES featuring the digital art of the young generation of Czech artists – Filip Hodas, Martin Houra, Johana Kroft, Jana Stýblová and Jakub Špaček.

About artist

Ondřej Zunka is a digital artist and creative director at Zünc Studio. He began experimenting with 3D software after a creative pivot that followed a master’s degree in Economy and System Engineering. Now one of the most accomplished Czech artists in digital media, his immersive, photoreal aesthetics of speculative worlds have most recently formed a series of successful NFT projects. Respected equally in the field of commercial design, Zunka has worked with many esteemed global design studios before starting his own practice.

Zünc is a research-driven creative studio based in London. Through the language of 3D design, motion and visual arts, they create and collaborate closely with brands including Nike, Prada, The Future Laboratory, Adidas, SPACE10 and Lexus. Zünc Studio looks to converge design, technology, culture and nature, with a particular interest in how to draw from systems of nature in their creative and visual output.

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