Ghost in the Machine - Klára Horáčková

  • Installation

Ghost in the Machine is a kinetic installation consisting of a structure and massive facetted cylinders covered with a reflective mirror surface. The cylinders powered with engines rotate on their axes in a pre-programmed choreography and they make an impression as if they were drawing near relentlessly towards the viewers. They evoke a gear, bowels of machinery, a machine with its own will and non-transparent purpose. The projection, which is also partially reflected towards the viewers and mirror facets, is projected in the rotating mirrors. It is blended with the image of the audience and embedded in the object. The projections are using various recordings of demonstrations, chanting, singing and tumult which merge into one monumental flow of sound and images reminding us of abstract music and the wild whirling of pulsating and throbbing colourful light broken by the movement of mirrors. The aim of the installation is to make an impression as though the viewer is part of an event that surpasses them, fascinates them and excites them. At the same time, it makes us feel insecure and concerned about the way it is going to take us. This photogenic audiovisual installation will be suitable for different types of indoor spaces. The combination of music, movements and pulsating light will add to the intensity of the experience and will bring everyone present into the heart of the revolution.

About artist

Klára Horáčková is an artist and a designer. She graduated from the glass studio of Vladimír Kopecký at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design where she also attended the sculpture studio. She has worked as an Assistant at the glass studio since 2012. She is also a freelance artist and focuses on small sculptures as well as large installations. The artist often works with the motive of reflection, illusion and attempts to get the viewer involved in interaction with the object. She lives and works in Prague.


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