Simbio - Andrej Boleslavský

  • Projection

This interactive installation, which everybody can become part of, has been inspired by the sixteenth century. The artist has been affected by the well-known still lives depicting various fruits and vegetables by Italian mannerist painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The starting point of the project was to scan natural objects and organisms grouped into new formations using an algorithm. Symbiosis is changing in time and space. Something totally new and digital is created from something ancient, bygone and organic.

This colourful projection is guaranteed to get everyone moving. It excels in outdoor garden spaces but is also so malleable that it can be presented indoors.

About artist

Andrej Boleslavsky is a recognized digital artist active in the field of new media art, interactive design, virtual reality and light installations. He explores the boundaries between the physical and digital world. His work is characterized by a fascination with the fusion of life-giving nature and modern technologies. He is engaged in interdisciplinary projects, especially the connection between digital technologies and contemporary dance.

The musical component of the screening was provided by Czech musician, producer and multimedia artist Aid Kid. Daniel Sklář provided 3D scanning, while the artistic and technological support was directed by Constantine Nisidis.

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